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Thanks to your feedback and support, soon we will be reborn as an entity that will empower anyone to cook and enjoy healthy and authentic Korean food, easier and quicker!

You can still purchase our popular products on this website in bulk at a discounted rate.

To purchase products individually, visit our Amazon Store here. For those who planned to use the coupon code: SK2015 on this website, please use the coupon code: CRAZYNEW on Amazon instead.

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What’s coming in January 2016?

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Eat like a REAL Korean at home hassle-free!
NO chemical preservatives | NO flavor enhancers

Plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options

Ready to Eat Food

Ready-to-Eat Food

Your favorite Korean food freshly cooked, flash-frozen and delivered to your door.

Just heat it up and enjoy!


ready to cook kit

Ready-to-Cook Kits

Everything you need to cook delicious and authentic Korean dishes, including fresh ingredients - measured & portioned



Virtual Cooking School

From basics to secrets, all you need to know for real Korean cooking is in one place. All ingredients needed are delivered to your door.

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